Seven Super is a new project from Italy born in 2018, created by Matteo Cristino (Lead vocal & Bass guitar) and Diego Soddu (Guitar & backing vocals), who wanted to develop a New Rock Band with many different influences of genres so they could express themselves in a simple way of language that everybody can understand.
In the early 2019, Steve String (Drums & backing vocals), enter into the band to complete the team.

The Super Seven stone, also known as Sacred Seven or Stone of Melody, is composed from quartz crystals that include seven different variations of minerals, and represents the universal brotherhood of humanity.


Singer, bass player, pianist, songwriter. composer and sound engineer.

He works in the music industry about fifteen years as technician, musician and sound engineer in many different fields, from stages to public events, from broadcast Tv program to 100 live shows per year.


He studies guitar and electronic music, he works as  a sound engineer, musician and composer comparing himself with different musical genres, from jazz to techno music, from pop to experimental music.

Projects and artistic collaborations: La Stanza nel Deserto, Liquid Stone Trio, GEO (Galata Electroacoustic Orchestra), Snake Platform, Raoul Moretti, Asmed Balletto di Sardegna, Chiodi Blu, The Men and the Machine.


Pseudonym of Stefano Bellisai, drummer, rhythmic guitarist, backing vocalist and composer.

Twelve years of experience between bands, featuring, session musician on stages and recording studio.

He learned drums on his own, self-taught, he’s dedicated to the study of rock, blues, metal, pop, etc…


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