The Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night (Acoustic Cover by Super Seven) Ep. 3

The Beatles – A Hard Day’s Nights (Matteo Cristino & Diego Soddu)
Every Tuesday a Song That Inspires Us

Here we are on the third “Super Seven Acoustic Covers” episode!!

One of the historical bands that have undoubtedly influenced us from a musical point of view, are the Beatles.

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The enormous discography of the English band, combined with the talent of Paul, George, Ringo and the genius of John Lennon, have inspired us, during all these years, feeding our great passion for music.

In addition to their worldwide success from a musical point of view, the 4 guys from Liverpool, have also left an indelible mark in communication, fashion and pop art, revolutionizing the world in various socio-cultural aspects.

We want to pay tribute to them with this cover, called “A hard day’s night”, published in Great Britain back in 1964, extracted from their third album.

What do you think of The Beatles?

Which is your favorite song or the one you can’t stand?

Tell us yours, share, comment and tell us everything you like or dislike about The Beatles!!!

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Played by:
Matteo Cristino on the Yamaha Acoustic Guitar and Lead Vocals
Diego Soddu on the Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar

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